Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sangiovese - In the bottle

Sunday was a banner day as Dave, Casey, Amber, Michelle and Jason took their stations at the bottling line. It's amazing to me how people tend to settle into their natural niche in the bottling line. Someone who is all thumbs at the corker is a whiz with the filler. The stress of keeping up the pace and paying attention to accuracy with the labeler is a stimulating challenge to another. Wrong stations and the pace is 5-8 cases an hour. Everyone getting their groove on - 20+ cases per hour. What stood before us was about 1300 liters of 2008 Sangiovese from Sweet Sunrise Vineyard. In short order it was in the bottle, corked, capsuled, labeled, boxed and stacked. Now it needs a few months to rest and recover from bottle shock - honest to goodness bottle shock, not the phony baloney type that mysteriously turns white wine brown for a few days. Out of the filler spigot it tasted absolutely delicious and totally reminiscent of the award winning 2007 version.

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