Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Newsweek Budget Travel

A few months back while disgorging the Nebbiolo Rose, a couple of journalists dropped in to "do a story". "Yah", I thought. But as the time wore on and I learned that Mario Lopez-Cordero had grown up in Nogales, now lived in NYC and loved to return to his homeland, it became clear this was not your ordinary "do a story" come on. We chatted for a long time while I demonstrated how I amused myself launching the frozen plugs of yeasty, Nebbiolo on to the well house roof. He waxed lyrical about this part of the world, which although colored by the eyes of someone who lives in NYC, was actually true. A couple weeks later they were followed by another journalist and her photographer husband and what do you know the current issue of Newsweek Budget Travel has a very informative and soulful article on this part of the Sonoran Desert and the wineries. If you manage to view the slide show you'll also see a beautiful picture of the financial wizard and farmer of Canelo Hills.

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