Monday, January 18, 2010

Arizona Wine - Good Food - FnB Scottsdale

Last week Joan and I made a trip to the northern part of the state to drop off some wine and visit the wineries (more on that). On the way back home we met up with a dear friend in Scottsdale and dined at FnB. I've mentioned this eating hot spot in earlier blogs. No only is it the only restaurant in the whole world to have our Sparkling Chardonnay, but its' creator Pavle Milic has crafted a wine list entirely comprised of Arizona Wines. Actually he does have a Plan B wine list of a few selections from elsewhere just in case he runs into a customer who just won't hear of it. The food is fantastic. Sadly I only had my cell phone, so the only picture that came out half way decent is the one of Joan as we await our meal. The shots of the shaved fennel salad with black radish and blood red oranges didn't come out, nor did the pictures of the Japanese squash soup, brazed leek and fresh mozarella salad, baked trout and sweet squash ravioli. Everything exquisite, beautifully prepared, startling fresh and a great accompaniment to Arizona made wine.

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