Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cottonwood Arizona

Besides being the geographic hub of the Northern Arizona wine scene (I suppose Sedona is the cosmic hub), Cottonwood is a very funky, mostly run down mining and commercial town that has the authentic character of old Arizona. It hasn't exploded yet with California money and now that there isn't much of that around, hopefully it never will. Still the locals are loyally proud of the downtown and they have every right to their pride. Joan and I trekked up there to deliver some wines to Pinon Bistro (1075 Highway 260, 928.649.0234) and met Donna Fulton and Terri Clements. They introduced themselves as refugees from the Connecticut business world and they have a good thing going at their restaurant. It is small, as in seven tables. Terri does all the cooking and Donna runs the front. The place fills up each night, mostly with locals and does not rely on much more than word of mouth - for example no web site. The cuisine is inventive and local, with French country inn style attention to ingredients, preparation and presentation. An added plus is a nice selection of Arizona wines. Yowzer, gotta go back. If you are interested in their 10th Annual Valentines Day Special Celebration and want to see what they pared with our Malvasia Passito and Yummy Zin, give them a call.

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