Thursday, April 30, 2009

Silver Medal Winner

I recently received notice that my 2007 Sangiovese is a Silver Medal Winner at the 2009 National Women's Wine Competition. This was my first national competition and I was very anxious to see how I would fare. There were 3000 entrants and only a small fraction were awarded Silver Medals. This wine competition is unique in that all the judges are women who are experts in the wine world - sommeliers, concierges, winemakers, wine critiques. The competition is based on the notion that a woman's palate on average is more sensitive than a man's palate and since most wine competitions are judged by men, most wine competitions don't accurately reflect a wide audience of wine drinkers. Curiously, most wine purchase decisions are made by women. Go figure. The competition is also tasted blind which is the most rigorous form of tasting and avoids the bias that is inevitably introduced when a wine drinker is aware of a wine's cost, notoriety and location of the winery. This wine is 100% Arizona Sangiovese and is available at the winery as well at Plaza Liquors in Tuscon and Cave Creek Wine Shop in Phoenix. The weather has become too hot to send wine through the mail but if you want to reserve some to be shipped in the Fall, contact me directly.

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  1. congratulations!
    very exciting.
    gonna have to add a fancy medal to the label now.