Friday, April 24, 2009

Nature’s Beauty

A few weeks ago the remnants of a Pacific storm blew through Southern Arizona, dropping a bit of much needed rain to the vineyard and snow to the nearby mountain tops. The storm also brought fierce winds and cold air. That night the temperature at the winey dropped to the high 20’s and on my sunrise walk with Emma and Lizzie I was treated to the sight of a very heavy frost everywhere. The ground was coated with white - magical, but more mystifying was the pattern of frozen water on the hood of the truck (see April 13, 2009 blog). I was overcome by the intricacy of the ice crystals and amazed at the sheer, blind beauty of it and struck by the thought that there must be endless beauty in this world that escapes my attention.

We had one Facebook winner who correctly identified the image and anonymous (blog comment) came close enough. Both will receive a coupon for a free tasting. Actually anonymous won’t since, well . . . . you know.

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