Thursday, January 6, 2011

Our New Look is on the way

I'm doing a total re-design of the Canelo Hills website, as you might have read in my blog posting from a month ago. Working on our website is one of my favorite parts of my job, and I've had a lot of fun teaching myself how to harness the awesome power of modern web design using Cascading Style Sheets.

After a not-quite-right first draft (div tags floating all over the place!) and some coaching from my brother Ian, who recently learned HTML to design his snazzy personal site, I’ve got the basic template designed. Here it is:

The menu bar at the top will now feature drop-down menus under some of the items, like About Us and Our Wines. Obviously, where it says "Content Goes Here" we uh, need some content. That's the next step -- creating all the pages that make up our website. Once they're all done, I'll upload them to the web and Canelo Hills will have a fresh new look on the old Internet.

What do you think?

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