Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Blank Slate

So far, this is what the new Canelo Hills website looks like:

a blank Design View page in Dreamweaver. I'm just getting started with a total re-design of our site, which hasn't changed much since we launched it before our Grand Opening in 2007.

I want the new design to be familiar, and just as easy to navigate as our current site, but to look more modern. I created our original site in Dreamweaver MX, a software program that dates back to 2002! I'm looking forward to trying out the powerful tools in my new, modern version of Dreamweaver, but that means some manual-reading and tutorial-watching on my part.

Of course we've involved Ian and Rhian on the design end--we're awfully lucky to have them and their expertise on call. I emailed them my initial page design, and they sent back some helpful comments. When I incorporate them I'll share the basic design with you, so stay tuned!

Got any comments or suggestions for our re-design?
Post them here!

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