Thursday, July 8, 2010

Team Canelo Hills

July 24, 2010 in Sonoita will be the first leg of the very first AWGA Grape Stomp - a 5 kilometer fun run and walk. We are recruiting hardy souls to join the Canelo Hill Raisers (name suggested by our dear friend Jay Branegan in Washington DC) who will run (Tim) and walk (Joan and Kathryn) the distance basking in the cool, fragrant morning air and glorious sights of a Sonoita morning. We have received a challenge from Todd and Kelly of Dos Cabezas - the best team time gets a bottle of sparkly to celebrate. Best time? Hah, who cares? Competition? Now you're talking.

If you join our team you'll get a team t-shirt, coffee and OJ and coffee cake back at our winery after the event, no charge for wine tasting at CHV&W for that day, a team photo posted on this blog, bragging rights, unlimited use of our hose, and a fun time.

When you register (click here for link) be sure to indicate you want to join the Canelo Hills team.

Don't put it off. Do it! It'll be something to tell your great, grand children about or great, grand nieces and nephews, or doggies . . . .

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