Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pop! Pop! Pop!

It's April! Sometime during this month the buds always swell and then unfurl their leaves. It is quite an exciting time of year for wine grape growers. I think of it sort of like making popcorn. You put the kernels in the machine or the bag of kernels into the microwave oven. Then you wait. After a little time you hear, p---o---p, then a little while later, p---o---p. Then, all of a sudden it is pop! pop! pop! The kernels are going crazy. The vines are now in the p--o--p, p--o--p, stage. I think next week is when things will speed up to pop! pop! pop! and it will be my time for going crazy. The next several months are busy times for grape growers. Exciting!

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