Monday, April 19, 2010

From Buds to Leaves

The fun is beginning. The Syrah always buds and then leafs out earlier than I would like. We still have a couple of weeks to go until the threat of a late frost is over. If you look closely at the second Syrah photo, you can see the very beginning of the grapes tucked inside the bud. They aren't actually grapes yet, they haven't even flowered. But they will be grapes soon if a late frost doesn't zap them.

The picture of the vine that is already a foot tall is a second year Malvasia. I have to say, I was surprised at its exuberance. Again, if it frosts, it, too, will be history. We just have to wait and see and hope for the best. And, dream of the wonderful crop the 2010 harvest will give us.

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