Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Bottling Machine

What a crew. Nicole, Matt, Caleb and Frank joined Joan and me to form this outstanding 6 person bottling line. It took 40-50 cases for everyone to find their natural place, work out the kinks and finally listen to Matt who is a whiz at system's engineering. At one point after lunch, rested, fueled and wined up we hit a rate of one case a minute. That's right. Bottles unpacked, filled with wine, corked, capsuled, heat shrunk, labeled, wiped clean, boxed and stacked. Eight cases in eight minutes. We couldn't sustain that pace due to the limits of the actual equipment, but we did manage to polish off 35 cases during one 60 minute period. Bring it on! Oh yes the wine - 2008 Sunrise, a blend of Nebbiolo and Syrah in about equal proportions. My first blend. It brings together the strengths of each of these individual wines to fill in complementary gaps. Like a successful marriage. Nice wine. Estimated release? February at the Art Show.

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