Thursday, March 22, 2012

An online "I spy" game

Can you spot some new things in our winery park in front of the building?


We've been adding to our winery park since Ian and Rhian did the initial landscape design and manual labor almost two years ago. Last summer Ken Karrels of Diamond JK Nursery in Sonoita did some beautiful landscaping with plants that fit our grassland landscape, and the plants are coming back to life after their winter's rest.

This spring we had a steel ranch sign custom made for us by Mark Gillo in Chino Valley, AZ (click here for his website). Tim installed it over our entrance gate, and it looks great, don't you think?

In January  Tim built a bottle tree to echo the empty bottles Ian and Rhian had installed in the ground, and we "planted" it in the park. It catches the light beautifully at sunset.

If you haven't been to Canelo Hills in a while, come visit and see our new installations for yourself. Got any ideas for more additions? Send us an email!

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  1. It looks great and sounds very inviting, unfortunately we have not been able to travel much this past year, hope to catch up soon.