Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2000 bottles of wine on the wall . . . .

For all of you whose minds were teased by the Fun Wine Facts item, here is the official answer. The largest stainless steel tank in our winery holds 1500 liters. A mere pittance compared to the commercial winery giants whose tanks measure in the 10's of thousands of gallons. (How many liters in a gallon? Wait this is the answer not another quiz.) A standard bottle of table wine holds 750 milliliters or 0.75 liters. 1500 liters per tank divided by 0.75 liters per bottle equals 2000 bottles. Rick Tagg (aka Cellar Rat) ventured a guess down to two decimal points of accuracy - 1998.15 bottles. That's close enough for me and for his efforts he is the proud winner of a tasting flight at CHV&W.

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