Sunday, February 6, 2011

Colder than a . . . . .

This past week of single digit temperatures wrecked havoc in our part of the world. Water froze and busted pipes all over town. We lost water at the vineyard, winery and the house. On Friday Joan had the wisdom to realize there was not only a problem with frozen pipes, in terms of keeping us from opening due to no water, but there was also a problem when the ice melted and the fractured pipes started gushing. As she drove up to the winery, a stream was beginning to flow down the drive. Water poured out of the well house. Opening the door revealed an indoor swimming pool with a geyser roaring out of the un-impeded well head.

As she dashed into the spewing mess and waded through the water in an attempt to shut the water off, she became drenched in 40 degree water, only slightly warmer then the outside temperature. Wayne Tomasi came to the rescue and helped turn off the power and close the relevant valves. Soaked Joan? - well not a pretty picture:

Repairs will be accomplished by the weekend and we'll be open for business.

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