Thursday, August 5, 2010

City Slicker Design Team

Canelo Hill's New York City Design Team thinks our front corral needs some sprucing up. Since Rhian Swierat and Ian Mueller did a mighty fine job with our tasting room design, we're leaning towards believing them. They will be jetting out the middle of the month to start the work. I'll be posting some of their fancy Eastern ideas in the days ahead. You can add your two cents if you have a liking to.


  1. did you get my comment on following the process? I'd like to blog about it on Pour Me Some Grapes (

  2. This is exciting! I would like to do a blog on the process, can you keep me posted please? Maybe keep a 'journal' of ideas, progress and I'll publish it. By the way, the blog is Pour Me Some Grapes,
    Email me at

    Good luck with the new look, we'll be watching. Fun.

  3. Use some reclaimed materials from historic AZ buildings if you can find some!

  4. Hey James, we aregoing to the salvage yard to get some materials and we have some logs made from small pine trees from a friend's yard. It'll be fun. Stay tuned.