Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, for all you who eagerly awaited the debut of Canelo Hills wine at the Tucson COSTCO and then discovered I was nowhere to be found, I am sorry. I hope you did not inconvenience yourselves. If you did, the next time you are in the tasting room, mention the title of this blog and I'll pour you a free tasting. There was a problem with the necessary financial arrangements to be able to pay me for the wine ("product" in business-ese). As I stood in the receiving section of the store on Friday morning, product and fork lifts whizzing and beeping around me, I was overwhelmed by the scope of the operation. In spite of the well organized chaos Josh (manager of the day) and Skip (receiving manager) treated me well. "We really want to do this. We'll have to reschedule", said Lisa the manager of liquor purchasing of the San Diego region of COSTCO. Indeed. I'll keep you posted about the next opportunity to pick up our wine. I hope Canelo Hills is the first of many local 100% Arizona wines to be featured at COSTCO's in the state. (AFGO is a counseling term I learned from Joan - Another (insert favorite F word) Growth Opportunity). Oh yeah, Kathryn designed the poster and the little attached fly-sign says "Meet the Winemaker, March 19 & 20, 11am - 4pm".

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