Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Answer

Felicia from San Diego guessed correctly! Although it is often called a Green Horn Worm, it is actually the caterpillar of the Sphinx Moth, sometimes called the Hummingbird Moth. The moth is amazing to watch as it hovers above flowers in the evening. However, the caterpillar is not so much fun. The rear end has fake eyes and a horn to make it look like its head. When I go to pick it off a vine, (which they can strip of leaves single handedly!) it whips its head back at my fingers and looks like it is going to bite me. The caterpillar has never won the battle but squishing it is so disgusting! I've learned to cover it with a leaf before doing the deed. Fortunately, the birds do enjoy this hearty meal and often dispose of the creatures for me.

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