Monday, June 8, 2009

Magic with Malvasia

Our Malvasia by Moonlight event Saturday was even more magical and enjoyable than we imagined it would be. Our lovely group of guests included some regular, loyal customers whom we've come to know over the past two years, as well as some new friends who stumbled upon the event on the Internet. Everyone visited and enjoyed themselves over the course of the evening as we tasted each of my father's new Malvasia wines, paired with delicious gourmet small plates from Prairie Chicks catering.

The Prairie Chicks did a wonderful job setting up our tasting room for elegant dining, and the food pairings worked perfectly to show off each of our unique white wines. From the homemade yogurt cheese served with the hors h'oeuvres to the grilled shrimp served with red pepper beurre blanc sauce, all the food was delicious. The rich apricot marzipan tarts that the Prairie Chicks served for dessert alongside our fortified Mavasia Passito were so delectable, many people wrapped up their uneaten portions to take home!

The windy and cloudy weather didn't cooperate to let us sip our wine outdoors while watching the full moon rise over the mountains, so we dined in the beautifully decorated tasting room. I went outside at moonrise time to find out if there was anything to see, and instead of a moon there was an incredibly vivid double rainbow, arcing across the sky from the Mustang Mountains to the Canelo Hills. Most of the guests went outside to marvel at it and take photos, and some people complimented us on ordering up such a miracle for our event.

Later this week I'll put even more pictures online on the Photos page of our website, so stay tuned. And look out for our next catered wine pairing event, probably sometime in the fall.

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