Monday, January 12, 2009

After-hours Tasting

We tried out the idea of an after-hours tasting party on our Facebook fans. And it was a hit!

It was a quiet night in Sonoita, but the lights were on at Canelo Hills and everyone who attended had a great time mingling and tasting our wines, including the very limited 2007 Malvasia. There were yummy cheeses, and of course Emma the dog was on hand to entertain.

The party was casual and fun. Tim took some of our guests on an impromptu tour of the winery and explained the wine-making process. Afterwards our guests headed their separate ways, many of them to the yummy restaurants in Sonoita and Patagonia.

Two of our guests were so inspired, they contributed to our Wine & Western Haiku contest by writing a haiku, in Arabic! Here it is:

nahnu fi elgin
nashrabu el-khamrata
nahnu suaadaa

We are in Elgin
Drinking wine
And we are happy

It even fits haiku form!

We'll be sure to have other after-hours events in the future, so keep your eye out for an email or check out our events page.

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