Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Rose is a Rose is not a Rosé

Back in May, Joan and I tested our new bottling line (in anticipation of the Chardonnay bottling party blogged last week) by bottling 50 cases of Nebbiolo Rosé. It has settled down after the trauma of bottling and it is ready for release this coming weekend. I think it’ll get even better in the bottle over the next year or so. It is a lovely clear pink color and tastes just as refreshing as it looks. Definitely Nebbiolo, it is tart but very smooth and pleasant in the mouth with just enough fruit (cherry) and oak in the nose to complement the perfectly ripe flavor of a “gotta eat this one right now” strawberry and soft tannins in the finish. It is completely dry at 11.9% alcohol and will be for sale for $15 a bottle and as always a 10% discount for any 12 bottle case.

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