Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Gathering Storm

The Monsoon storms are on their way. During monsoon season the morning starts out warm with very clear blue skies. As the day progresses clouds start popping up over the mountains and gathering into dark thunder heads. A favorite path they take is over the Huachuca Mountains. I can watch them from the vineyard and dart inside the building when the thunder sounds as though it is moving my way. The rains are a mixed blessing. Grape vines love the moisture falling from the sky. The nitrogen that is released turns the leaves a dark green and it is always nice to ratchet down the irrigation. On the downside, the damp can start the growth of powdery mildew, the winds can cause damage to the vines and sometimes great bursts of hail plummet and bruise the grape clusters. In spite of these things I get a thrill when I see the first clouds appear over the mountains.

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